Katharina & Bear GIFT CARD

Katharina & Bear GIFT CARD

€ 15,00Price

Don’t know what to get your loved ones? We’ve got you covered.

Just choose your amount and we will create a Giftcard for you.

We can send the giftcard to you via mail or email.

You want us to send the giftcard for you? No problem!

We will contact you via email for all the details, then post the giftcard with a message from you, free of charge. Easy peasy!


Please select Local pickup as your shipping option at checkout.  That way you have no shipping cost :)


  • How it works!

    Choose your amount and choose Local pickup as the Shipping option. Then specify in the Notes section what you would like us to do:

    1) send you the Giftcard in the mail (no shipping costs)

    2) send you the Giftcard in an email so you can print at home (of course 

    3) we mail the Giftcard to your loved one with a message from you (no shipping cost).

    Easy peasy!

    We will contact you by email also!


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