b-choice | White handcarved ceramic holdall

b-choice | White handcarved ceramic holdall

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€ 22,50Sale Price

Stand against a wall, hang it or place it on your table.
This white Katharina Ceramics wabisabi ceramic catchall is great to display your treasures.
If you are like me you always find things in nature, pretty stones, shells, little leafs. Now you can display them prettily in this ceramic cathall.  Also great on your vanity to hold jewelry or makeup. You can stand it up against a wall on your altar for instance. To hang please attach a stick on hook.


This is a B-choice product: nothing you can see but the underside has some scratches.

Approx size: H: 3 cm B: 11 cm L: 22cm
Glazed with a food safe white glossy glaze.
Please take good care of this handmade item.


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