Sometimes it's awkward ..

Do you have the same awkward reaction as me when someone says they know you from Instagram?

I get HAPPY, then I think what did I post lately that might be weird right now and OMG who are they on Insta? Esp. when people don't post selfies all over their feed I probably love your feed but WHO ARE YOU?

When i do the same to someone else like: oh I love Insta, your dog is so cute, or your flowers are so beautiful I soon realise that:

a) I love their feed, or dog, but am totally hazy on the specifics. My brain goes in OVERDRIVE: what is the name of that cute dog??? What is their Insta handle? (I'm so bad with names :(


b) i worry I've now put THEM in an awkward position of thinking exactly those things about me...


What do you do when someone says HI to you when they know you from INSTA? My husband who has no awkwardness in this matter just smiles and makes easy small talk avoiding the whole issue. I am more of an open awkward book :)

In any case you probably know my CERAMICS better than my face haha so let's get to know each other. So next time it's less awkward.

karin van der pol holding a handmade ceramic vase made by her. selfie in the mirror.
karin katharina ceramics


  • Born in Nijmegen, in the 60's, grew up free in the 70's, partied in the 80's. I left to go travelling and never returned. Well, I visit happily :)

  • I was a punk then softened into new wave but a bit of punk has always stayed with me.

  • On weekdays, I wake up at 6.30 am. I wish I could get up that half hour earlier. Now the weekends are a whole other story :)

  • I can spot a car boot sale from a mile away. And will stop for one, every time :)

  • My people skills were honed working in bars and restaurants. I loved working in these places.

  • I once made a sandwich for Christie Brinkley (Uptown girl) without recognising her. She was very nice. I asked her a bunch questions (where are you from, are you on holiday, is this your family..) while i buttered her bread. She answered them all with a smile.

  • The easiest job I ever had was selling ice-cream at a boat show. The snorest job I ever had was at an accountancy firm. I tried to be that girl, but just didn't fit in.

  • While i lived in London i got into reiki, herbal remedies, ashtanga yoga and meditation.

  • I found that again when I moved to Haarlem and embarked on a yoga teacher training. I dove in deep and it changed my world.

  • One day I stood in front of a traffic light and thought: I've always, from when i was a teenager, wanted to do ceramics. Why haven't I?! So I turned my car around, drove home, phoned around and started a throwing (at the wheel) course.

  • I had a mild case of breast cancer. I say mild case because I was lucky didn't need chemo, "only" surgeries and radiation. Still, it halted my life and made me aware of mortality. It changed me.

  • Taking a break from throwing and missing clay I started hand building. AHHHH, THAT WAS NICE.

  • Now I hold weekly clay workshops teaching techniques and showing people the AHHHH of hand building with clay.

  • Through my work and The Clay Club I've seen over and over that holding clay and creating something with your own two hands has a healing effect EVEN if you weren't looking for any :) It can open your creativity and give you many insights. Would like to create something? I can help you.

  • I'm about to start up with Pilates again. Work on my core strength. I'm proud of myself because I've been kind of lazy lately.

  • YouTube has a real hold over me. As does TikTok. What about Instagram. I tell myself I'm being inspired but there are some really funny people on these socials, and what about those dances?!

  • Potatoes, in the shape of fries, in Holland: een patatje mayo - is something that makes me really really REALLY happy. There's no shame in my game.

  • For a while there in my late teens I thought that I would grow up to be Sade. I had the slick black ponytail, gold hoops and red lipstick. Never the voice though.

And you? Comment here and tell me something about you :)

So when we see each other irl (in real life :) it will be so fun from the start.

I would love that!

xKarin (Katharina :))

ps - I would also like to know how you came across Katharina Ceramics. I love hearing from you!