Clay class Christmas edition

So i'm early this year. A miracle :)

Like so many i'm always late finding christmas presents for my loved ones. So difficult as there's so much choice but everyone seems to have everything already. With friends becoming more sustainable, some minimizing it might be a fun idea to give a workshop to someone.

With this giftcard you buy your friend one session in our Tuesday morning ceramics class. It's valid through the months January and February. It includes making, glazing and kiln. It's so much fun and at the end there's the tangible selfmade piece of ceramics to take home proudly.

Check my instagram @katharina.ceramics for more info on classes and what vessels have been made.

You could join your mother or friend, brother or cousin - together it will be = €76.

kerst giftcard klei workshop haarlem 40 euro doe-kado
Klei kado kerst editie

clay gift card ceramics workshop centre haarlem christmas edition
Clay gift xmas edition Haarlem