Katharina and Bear is started by Karin van der Pol. She wanted a place where you can buy all the products that she had started to care about.

When she found her clay practice she started selling ceramics. After a major health scare she started finding products that would not harm her body and her families’. Because she believes that we are all nature she feels that products that are good for humans have to also be good for the earth.

When it was time to set up a website for her ceramics she found that she wanted to create a bigger space. One that would incorporate different ways we can help create a better world.
Being a handmaker she started to look for other handmakers with the same passion for sustainability with an holistic approach. Because supporting each other in this endeavour is needed.

There is power in where you spend your money.  Like Anne Lappe says: Every time you spend money you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want!

Just remember that buying with purpose is a journey. Give yourself the freedom and the space to make your own choice.  If one out of 20 of your purchases is from an artisan or not new you are already helping to change the world!!

Karin grew up in the east of Holland, skating on the forests marshes in winter and picking wild fruits in summer.  She spend 10 years travelling the world, getting to know other cultures and loving all the beauty wild nature had to offer.


Settling back in Holland, now with her family, she intensified her spiritual journey culminating in many yogic teachings and trainings.

Karin is a self taught ceramic artist. Inspiration from nature and an ongoing journey into selfcare integrate themselves throughout her work.  To her, all created objects should add something intrinsic to the physical world so she crafts with care.

Karin studied yoga, meditation, mindfulness and reiki which may pop up here and there at her seemingly simple clay workshops.

She currently lives in Haarlem, conveniently situated between Amsterdam and her much loved beach.