Our Story

At it's core Katharina and Bear is for people who care!

We believe products that are good for the earth can also be beautiful.  Our goal is simple. To find good products, either vintage (surplus) or made by ethical artisans that passionately care for our planet. Small businesses that know their sources. So you can have a holistic experience!

There's real joy in holding a handmade cup. In a fragrant oil made with good ingredients. In a beautiful handmade soap, made with gorgeous organic ingredients.  We proudly select goods that are made by do gooders.


Because we believe that unapologetic do gooders will change the world.

Together we can leave the planet a slightly better place.

About the name:

Katharina is my middle name, named after my beautiful grandmother. She was a stylish women who could make a little go a long way. We still share stories about how beautifully her house was decorated on special days. She liked to help people and everyone was always welcome in her house. 

My grandfather Bear saw my grandmother at a dancehall and won her heart. A gregarious singer and drummer, part of the union, his purpose was to fight for the rights of workers. Together they represent K&B: stylish goods from ethical makers for people who care.

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